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One of the newer brokers, ForexYard services a wide range of traders, both retail and professional, from all four corners of the world. The firm emphasizes the importance of building a good relationship with each and every client, regardless of their experience or financial power. Apart from the usual charting and trading software that are a necessity of being a currency broker, ForexYard implements a corporate research and analysis section which provides the firm's customers with daily, analysis and reports on the currency market.
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Account Types

The SuperMini Account requires a minimum deposit of $100, which is a moderate amount for this type of account packages. The minimum leverage is 10:1. The firm advises traders with an account balance below $1000 to begin with the SuperMini, where the lot size can be increased gradually, allowing higher leverage. This flexible approach facilitates a step-by-step learning process for the beginner, since he can increase his lot size, and leverage, in accordance with his performance.
Due to the high volatility of forex, the broker recommends that customers initiate their careers with a minimum $2000 in initial deposit.
The standard account offered to professional, experienced traders allows leverage up to 200:1, with customizable lot sizes, trailing stop orders, and allow the trading of gold, silver and oil, in addition to the numerous major and minor currency pairs.

Trading Platform

ForexYard is a fully automated online broker and voice or phone trading is not allowed. As in most other firms, in case of emergencies the dealing desk of the firm will accept orders for the liquidation of open positions only.
The WinTrader platform, the trading software of ForexYard, is a straightforward package that offers all the necessary features of an online currency trading software, while avoiding the temptation to utilize tens of indicators and fancy interfaces in order to appear superior to the offers of competitors. Ten important indicators, along with various charting options including candlesticks, bar charts, and others, along with the capability to draw the Fibonacci levels on the price action summarizes the technical aspect of the Wintrader software.
The WinTrader platform is JAVA-based, and doesn't require the dowloading of any software.

Deposits and Withdrawals

ForexYard aims to minimize the problems associated with the non-trading aspect of forex. Deposits and withdrawals are facilitated smoothly, and in the case of deposit with credit cards, the account is credited immediately.

Unique Features of Trading with ForexYard

ForexYard guarantees fixed spreads as low as 3 pips on EURUSD and 3-5 pips on other major currency pairs. An exceptional feature of ForexYard is the promise to keep spreads fixed even during major market events like news releases. Also, in order to allow the successful exploitation of periods of greatest price volatility, the firm guarantees a continuous quotes, and no-freeze policy during such occasions.
One of the most interesting aspects of trading with ForexYard is the unique Forex VIP Services option. By choosing this option, the customer will gain access to teaching tools, fundamental and technical analysis, trading tips and recommendations, along with a private and individual forex broker who will accompany him through his journeys and experiences in the currency trading world.

Beginner Support

ForexYard is committed to ensuring a fair trading environment for beginners and professionals alike, and takes the aspect of beginner support very seriously. Between Monday and Friday, a 24-hour support staff is always ready to answer your calls about any aspect of trading. The support staff at ForexYard are not inexperienced call center workers either. They are seasoned experts with a background in finance and trading.


As a fully automated platform, the Wintrader forex trade software eliminates all the possibility of unauthorized temperance with client orders or accounts. The firm implements the industry Standard SSL (secure socket layer) technology to protect the privacy and account information of customers.


ForexYard aims to excel at where many other forex brokers fail. By concentrating on customer satisfaction, and offering comprehensive educational packages on both an institutional and individual basis, the firm seeks to ensure that its clients achieve the maximum possible gain from their trading careers with the slightest pain in the shortest possible time period.
In order to realize this purpose the support service of ForexYard offers an exceptional service unmatched in the retail forex industry. The beginner-friendly, flexible and simple platform ensure that both the beginner and the experienced trader enjoy the greatest profit potential through trades executed in a calm and uncomplicated environment. The various tutorials, and extensive documentation that explain all the different aspects of the software in a detailed way ensure that the learning process is swift and painless. Finally, the small initial deposit requirements of the SuperMini account facilitate a low-risk, low leverage trading experience that will help traders acquire experience as fast possible.
ForexYard is a reliable, and reputable firm that is committed to customer satisfaction. We do not shrink from recommending their services, and are pleased to feature them here on
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